Welcome to a world of infinite possibilities that fully supports your rapid conscious growth! All of these offerings are designed to help you speed your evolutionary process on all levels.

These activations will assist in activating and awakening everything within you to grow and expand with grace, ease, and efficacy. As the new world becomes your reality, these activations are a self-discovery course. There is little to no content required as these activations are always done with your highest personal good, highest personal joy, and are in alignment with your optimum potential. It is with the greatest joy these are offered. There is no limit or expected experience of what they can or can’t do for you, leaving all potential possibility open and available!

These activations work as a spiral going in through your field bringing up and highlighting that which is no longer in alignment or service of the highest good, it then goes into the body allowing the programs to be released and then over time establishes itself in the core to create a pulse to assists in maintaining that level of awareness and consciousness this is all done with grace ease and efficiency as such there is no intended time for completion, all of these activations are permanent upgrades that stay with you for eternity as such it may take several lifetimes to reach the completion of each one, they work based on your divine blue print as to not overwhelm you and to assist you in reaching your most optimum state of being.

I have designed these so that no matter how old you are, what color you are, or how long you have been on your journey you can receive them. Everyone is truly equal and its time we act that way! Every activation is given on love donations only so anyone can afford it.

Peace Love and Light,

Jason Estes

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