Azure Light

azure_logo_resizedAzure will be the flame to connect all back to source, to connect to the eternal self beyond the future and past, to fully become the present self andtransform and transmute the selves into the oneness to glow and grow into wholeness of the fulfilled.

From the pure of heart we burn in source’s flames to become the purity of the new earth. We fulfill ourselves in the oneness of all of creation and sit with the creator throughout eternity.

This frequency of energy has 4 initiations. It is a very intense shift that effects the very DNA and soul of the person preparing them and attuning all lifetimes, the past and present as well as the future to enhance and strengthen the auric field as well as prepare the body for the new frequencies. It is designed to be a gradual increase as to not effect your life too suddenly, but over the time between the initiations it is forever changing you.

Azure light is intended to bring light to this earth. As such, it is not to be used to harm or hurt another individual. Those who take on this frequency become the flame keepers for the new earth and as such are responsible for their actions in present time. If it is taken from the pure of heart it will lead you back to oneness as well as bring a blissful joy for life and the afterlife.

Prices and titles are as follows:

  • Keeper: $163
  • Priest/Priestess: $137
  • Guardian: $232
  • Grand Master: $1111

Must be a Keeper for 7 days before being attuned to Priest or Priestess

Must be a Priest or Priestess for 30 days before becoming a Guardian

Must be a Guardian for 7 months before becoming a Grand Master

Must be a Grand Master 3 months before teaching Azure Light

Grand Master is the highest level achievable and will stay at the forefront of this frequency. At this level, you will be invited into the new energies as they come through, with boosts as well, and opportunities to receive new initiations as they are available for the planet.

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